Film and TV Production Department

The department’s primary business is “Motion Graphic Design and Production.” They provide creative concepts, 2D visual design, professional animation and image production, and others. They are also Vmage’s special project execution division, providing “creative concept” and “graphic design.” They care greatly about “user experience” and “technical execution,” and provide customization to meet the clients’ need. Other than project production and cross-industry cooperation, the external collaboration of other departments and brands of the company are also one of their business scopes.

Project Production

Company introduction, microfilm, product VCR and more.

Single or Multi-camera EFP Shooting, Aerial Photography

Event, press conference, educational course

2D/3D Animation Production

Product animation, children’s animation, live animation

interactive program/ projection mapping

VR video, interactive game, program design

Graphic design

Visual identity, packaging design

Internet Marketing Digital Content

Online comic, LINE stickers

CD, USB production, and gift purchase