Hoping Jones Committee

HOPING JONES is an original comic brand from Taiwan and a platform that engages in the concept of a single brand with multiple animations and character contents.

Since 2009, we have been working hard in creating original IP contents! Because of this, we’ve developed several independent works that are extensions of a single universe.

Starting from 2014, with Taiwan as our starting point, we strive for international exchange and cooperation. In the coming years, we plan to expand our team internationally to support the development of HOPING JONES’s rich content. From single characters to multiple IP content, we shall continue to create original content with the most international influence!

IP Brands  and Platforms


Taiwan Original Comic Brand


Works: The Mystery of Bermuda, MU, Young Master – Counterattack, Around the World in 10,000 Days, and others.

Taiwan Original Character IP Brand

Hoping & Sasa Family

Characters: Hoping, Sasa, Habibi, Hamini, and others.

Taiwan Original Comic IP Platform


CODE H, DEMON INSIDE, and others