To connect the world and send wishes to all walks of life~

To create joy with adorkable and therapeutic power~

“Hoping & Sasa Family” is an original IP brand from Taiwan. Born in the picturesque Balloonville, Hoping and Sasa are childhood friends, and their DNA is full of happy and positive forces! Through Hoping and Sasa’s natural blessings, Habibi and Hamini’s protection, and company, plus the spirit of “Merry Making” as their origin, they’ll spread love and joy and connect the world with friendship.

Hoping and Sasa’s bravery, fearlessness and tendency to share, and Habibi and Hamini’s food-loving, optimistic and adorkable actions make life colorful. Furthermore, through illustrations and animations, they’ll continue to lead the exploration for fun things in the world with cute and playful perspectives.